6th Anniversary

6th Anniversary

On June 1st Stockman Jiu Jitsu reached its 6th anniversary. Since the first opening day in Greenwood, Indiana, Stockman Jiu Jitsu, a Carlson Gracie Team academy, created a family and friendly environment where everyone is welcome, from kids, teenagers and adults, we here build confidence and strength in our student’s life, but never forgetting the fun part, which is one of the reasons we love Jiu Jitsu so much.

Stockman Jiu Jitsu Anniversary adults

To celebrate we had a whole day of good (and healthy) food, coffee and kombucha from Amelia's, Wildwood Market and Presto Kombucha (our local Indy friends), pictures from since the beginning on our TV, a special raffle with our gis and T-shirts, body soaps by Black Belt Bodycare sourdough bread from Amelia’s bakery, and of course, training!

For more years to come!

Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Intro

A video showing different aspects of the Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu School.